In Defense of the Red Cup

It’s barely November and almost every store you go into has shoved their Christmas stock down your throat within moments of stepping in the door. While most people find this to be the most annoying thing on the planet, I’m one of those people who needed to read this post on how to get through Halloween over and over again (and then once more for good measure), so for me, November 1 couldn’t come fast enough.

Ew, you’re really one of those early-celebrating super-annoying Christmas elves trying to sprinkle cheer two months in advance? Why yes, yes I am, and here’s why:


The holidays are the season for giving and of joy, where friends actually get together, even if they’ve been making fake plans for the last 10 months, libations are at an all-time high and calories become these mythical little creatures that don’t count until January. And have I mentioned the cookies?!

Thanksgiving in Canada is so, so early compared to our neighbours to the south and, if you’re anything like me, you need something exciting to look forward to to get through the daily grind. And since the weather is gross and patio brunches and trips to the beach are now out of the question thanks to good ol’ Mother Nature, the holidays are it.

On a logical note, if you start your holiday shopping in early November, then you can avoid the malls and lineups and all that other crap that breeds holiday haters and all-around Grinches because you’ll be at home, snuggling in your fuzzy holiday slippers, listening to Bing Crosby serenade you about snow and watch Cameron and Jude fall in love all over again while you wrap your pre-purchased presents in a state of holiday bliss. Who wants to be stressed and anxious and grumpy during the happiest time of the year? I sure don’t. And since you’ll be done all of your holiday shopping and wrapping, you’ll actually have time to do something good for your community, which is ultimately the true spirit of the season anyway (see? logical).

But, the biggest reason of all is the red cup. Yes, that quintessential symbol of holiday awesomeness that Starbucks releases every year immediately following October 31, along with its offerings of magically festive drinks. Because if your peppermint mocha doesn’t have chocolate curls on it, is it even real? So, yes, I did get a fancy festive drink in a red cup yesterday and, based on the population of images of the new ombré© cup under #redcup, I’m not the only one.

Now excuse me while I go sip my third pep mocha in two days.

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