The Wedding Planner: After the Big Day

The big day has finally come and gone and we’re at the end of this wedding planning journey together–congratulations, you made it, but you’re not done just yet. Here are your next steps on what to do after your wedding day, before you settle into matrimonial bliss.

Go on your honeymoon (duh)

Part of the fun of having a wedding is going on your honeymoon and consummating like bunnies. This one really needs no further description.

Send thank-you cards

I know deep down you’re groaning at the thought of spending even more money on postage (one of the largest budget-eaters in my opinion), but thank-you notes are absolutely non-negotiable. Sorry, guys. The general rule of thumb is that wedding guests should receive their thank-you’s no later than six months after your wedding–that’s a lot of time, but frankly, it shouldn’t take you that long. If you’re planning on using any of your wedding photos, then, of course, wait until you’ve gotten those back. But if you’re not, start on the notes when you get back from your honeymoon. If you can swing it, do handwritten notes, but, of course, large weddings may be difficult to do that. Your best bet is to schedule some time with your husband and make sure you go through every guest and thank them properly for being present and bringing a gift.

Print your wedding photos

In the technology-fuelled age of 2015, wedding albums might seem a bit crazy and an unnecessary expense after throwing the largest party of life, but it’s definitely something to consider as a keepsake. At the very least, choose some of your favourite shots and have them printed and put into pretty frames to keep around your home. It’s also a really good idea to get extras printed and given to close family members, like your parents and in-laws, or single shots to give to your bridesmaids. Hand-delivered gifts and thank-you notes to these VIPs is also something to keep in mind and wraps up your appreciation for their contribution to your big day nicely.

Get your dress cleaned and preserved

After a night of eating, drinking and dancing, your dress probably doesn’t have the same lustre it did when you bought it and stared at it for months, so, if you’re sentimental and want to keep it, invest the time and money to have it cleaned and preserved in some way, even if it’s just purchasing a nice keepsake box to house it. When your kids and grandkids want to see it (or maybe even wear it), it’ll be ready to go.

Organize your info

If you haven’t done so already throughout the planning process, organize all of the information and quotes from your vendors, along with some notes of what you thought (better yet, now is a good time to rate your vendors online). You will inevitably have a friend or family member getting married who needs a recommendation for a florist or photographer, so at least you’ll have some options to give them. There are always those random things that you need numbers for, like if you need an accordion player, hit me up–no, I’m not kidding.

The Wedding Planner is an ongoing series where we give you some real-life wedding planning advice, from finding the dress to dealing with that ever-growing guest list, over the next few months as we figure it out ourselves. 

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