New Spiderman Movie Has All-star Young Cast with Emma Stone

If three Spiderman movies weren’t enough for all the diehard fans, Spider-Man Reboot is set to hit screens in the summer of 2012. The original Spiderman movies followed the life of Peter Parker (originally Tobey Maguire) and his journey after being bitten by a genetically modified spider. Peter uses these abilities to fight evil as a superhero and defend his city and the ones he loves. Original cast members included Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson, James Franco and even Willem Dafoe as the Green Goblin. From the looks of the cast of Spiderman Reboot they present a sexier side of the comic book characters and will make Spidey fans around the globe proud.  

Marc Webb the famous American music video director is the director of Spiderman Reboot and had his movie debut in 2009 with 500 Days of Summer. Directing videos for A-List musicians like Lenny Kravitz, Good Charlotte, and Incubus he’s sure to put an interesting spin on the reboot film. The writer of the script is none other than James Vanderbilt who has penned the screenplays for several money makers (Darkness Falls, The Losers). With a director and writer as well versed as these two it’s easy to believe why this film could potentially blow up the box office.

The movie will be based on the Ultimate Spider-Man comics that carry a slightly different storyline then the one we followed in the previous films. Keeping things under wraps the new cast has yet to be announced completely to the media but the lead roles have slowly started to surface. Andrew Garfield (The Social Network) will be playing the hunky Peter Parker (yes I said hunky) and the opposite of Tobey Maguire and his nerdy look. Mary Jane Watson is rumoured to be played by Emma Stone (Easy A) and will take a backseat to being the love interest in Parker’s life as we are introduced to another leading lady. Gwen Stacey who plays Spidey’s main squeeze in the comic books before he falls for Mary Jane Watson has yet to be cast. The rumour mill has Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland) and Glee‘s Diana Agron (Quinn Fabray) are close contenders for the role of Gwen.

Philip Seymour Hoffman may very well be cast as Spidey’s arch nemesis Venom but that has yet to be confirmed to the media.

Make sure to keep watch for cast developments to find out what other Hollywood starlets will hit the big screen in 2012.

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