Carine Roitfeld’s Style Commandments

If Carine Roitfeld’s reign as French Vogue‘s editor in chief wasn’t enough to convince you of her fashion and style influence (and why wasn’t it?), maybe Carine Roitfeld’s recent endeavour with MAC cosmetics might. Either way, in an interview with Allure, the stylist and writer opened up about her style and beauty choices.

“I don’t like the word comfort,” she said. “Me, I like to be fitted. I like to fill my body into clothes. I don’t like it when it looks a bit squishy. I never like it.”

As for her trademark bed head, she had the following to say: “Tom Ford always told me, ‘Oh the older you get, the blonder you will be.’ But finally, I changed my mind and went to my real colour. And the hair is usually in the face. You know, it’s the same look for 25 years, but before, people were not interested in me. There were no bloggers.”

Totally valid. Carine then talked makeup, shockingly admitting that her beauty regimen isn’t exactly anything nuts.

“It’s about eyes and eyebrows,” Roitfeld explained. “Pencil for the eyebrows, mascara, a black eyelid applied with pencil and then smudged with my fingers. It gets better and better during the day. I don’t change it, I just add a little bit more. Maybe that’s the charm of it. It’s not perfect, it’s very alive.”

Yes! That’s the perfect way to approach makeup. After all, the Bee Gees didn’t write “Stayin’ Alive” for nothing.

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