Cara Delevigne’s Pet Rabbit Goes to Mulberry

Stars! They're just like us! Sort of. I mean, you may have a pet bunny, but unlike Cara Delevigne, you probably wouldn't bring it to Mulberry headquarters. (Likely because unlike Cara Delevigne, you have no reason to be there.)

However, when Delevigne brought Cecil to the Mulberry offices last week, things went awry: upon giving him free reign of the room while she sat at a table with execs, Cecil attempted his escape via air conditioning ducts.

"He was happily eating the celery out of the Bloody Marys and just hanging with everyone," a source told the Daily Mail. "He was hopping around into everyone's laps, and then Cara put him down on the floor so she could take a few pictures. It was then he saw his moment."

Dun, dun, dun.

"Before anyone could do anything, he had launched his back paws and scuttled over to it," the source continued. "The last thing anyone saw was the disappearing tail. He didn't get very far because he got stuck under the floor."

Fortunately, Mulberry got a hold of some maintainence men who set Cecil free (and he's okay, and still adorable, so calm down, all of us).

Delevigne has had her rabbit since May 14 (or at least sometime around then) when she debuted him on Instagram, and has been taking him with her to meetings and, well, everywhere accordingly.

You can get your fill of Cecil on his Instagram, @cecildelevigne. Cecil, if you're reading this, stay away from the A/C vents, bud.

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