Calvin Klein’s Spring 2016 Campaign Starring Justin Bieber & Kendall Jenner is Everything

Every so often, a campaign comes along that evokes the joy and majesty of what I’m sure everyone felt about the ads in the nineties that we talk about all the time. You know, like the Kate Moss campaigns for Calvin Klein.

Only better.

Oh yes, I went there. This morning, Calvin Klein launched a campaign that will see all of its brands — Calvin Klein Collection, Calvin Klein Platinum, Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein Jeans, and Calvin Klein Underwear — presented together in a series of images and videos.

Shot by Tyrone Lebon, the artists featured are as follows (and are awesome, so get set): Justin Bieber, Kendrick Lamar, FKA Twigs, Kendall Jenner, Fetty Wap, Klara Kristin, Joey Bada$$, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Adwoa Aboah, Saskia de Brauw, Destiny Frasqueri, and Sung Jin Park. Also? Daniel Hivner, Jan Gatewood, Aiden Dare, Rene Ferry, Sophia Tatum, Laura Sorensen, and Petra Lajuan.






(Yeah, that’s right you can. Or can’t. I don’t know you, so I won’t assume anything.)

“The Spring 2016 campaign takes #mycalvins out of the bedroom, representing an evolution of the Calvin Klein brand’s acclaimed omnichannel initiative, which originated with individuals posting selfies on social media in Calvin Klein Underwear and Calvin Klein Jeans and tagging #mycalvins in the image caption,” reads the release. “Beginning with the new call to action, “I ____ in #mycalvins,” this campaign moves from the passive, solo moment of the static selfie to live action, supporting the concept that the movement and moments of life are what creates its sensuality and sexiness.”

So where does this new direction come from? Us millennials, duh. (We’re amazing.)

“This campaign is representative of how culture is evolving as we speak,” said Melisa Goldie, CMO of Calvin Klien Inc., also in a statement. “We’re bringing together a diverse mix of provocateurs with a unique collective of visual artists to create content that sparks and drives cultural conversation. Millennials reject labels when it comes to their own identities, and they want products that are personalized and individual, which we’re achieving as Calvin Klein moves towards further establishing itself as a lifestyle-centric global brand.”

“To do that, we have to recognize that people don’t want traditional one-sided advertising anymore. Instead, they want to participate in campaigns that capture their imagination. With this campaign, we feel we have created something that truly illustrates the future of the brand, and captures the current youth culture zeitgeist.”

The full campaign is right here — so what do you think? Are you feeling zeitgeist-y?






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