Brad Pitt For Chanel No. 5

Just because Chanel No. 5 is technically made for women, doesn’t mean someone like Brad Pitt can’t be the fragrance’s new face.

According to E!, Brad Pitt will be shooting a commercial for Chanel No. 5, with a source saying that the actor will be in London this week filming the commercial. However, nothing’s official. But because Brad Pitt and Chanel’s spokespeople have been refusing to comment, we can almost assume that their silence speaks volumes. (That, and I’m sure nobody wants to say anything until the commercial’s in the bag – you never know how something can go.)

Well, considering that Brad Pitt will be reportedly be earning roughly seven figures for his new gig, we can assume the commercial will be a success. 

We’ll get to see Brad Pitt acting on behalf of Chanel No. 5 later this year, and keeping other Chanel advertisements in mind, it will probably be memorable.

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