Spring 2012 Eye Makeup Trends

Spring’s eye makeup trends will surprise you. Here’s a look at some of our favourites:

1. All natural
Don’t think you can scrap the beauty regimen completely: while spring’s eye makeup trends see the return to clean and fresh-faced looks, there’s still a place for minimal shadow and liner to help make eyes pop. Using light brown tones at the crease of the eyelid, light brown tones on the lid and pinky skin tones to blend below the brow line, the English Rose look returns, going hand in hand with light and airy fashions seen on the likes of Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein models. Just remember to use a super thin liner to keep eyes defined, and countless coats of mascara to accentuate lashes.

2. Tangerine
Bright, vibrant tones earned a place in last spring’s eye makeup trends, but 2012 sees a focus on all things tangerine. Replacing defined lines with a swoosh of colour, chains like Sephora have dedicated whole sections to the must-try colour, showcasing it in conjunction with standard black eyeliner (apply black eye liner, then above it, apply a line of tangerine) and by itself on the lid. Just avoid making it too intentional. Since this particular spring eye makeup trend calls for a relaxed approach, you’ll want a sweep of colour across the eye as opposed to layers and variations of the shade. Spring’s eye makeup trends are about having fun.

3. Jewel tones
A major component of the season’s fashion landscape, jewel tones also make up a huge part of spring’s eye makeup trends. Whether purple, emerald or even sapphire, this playful-meets-dramatic style (especially when applied like the smoky eye) helps modernize and anchor ultra-delicate fashions like ’20s-inspired silk dresses in airy tones like pink and powder blue. However, if you’re not partial to the super-dramatic, approach this spring eye makeup trend like you would with tangerine: instead of layering colours and creatingcontrast, apply a swoosh of colour to the eyelid and pair with black liner and black mascara for a eye-catching, head-turning look.


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