What’s Your #Haircast? Pantene Teams Up with The Weather Network

I could waste our time with a flowery intro about the way summer weather is out to get me and my hair on a regular basis and that everyone who looks okay letting their hair dry naturally is an alien, but no. Not when we have news like this: Pantene and The Weather Network have teamed up to bring us #haircasts.

That’s right: in addition to listing the actual weather conditions, The Weather Network will tell us what types of products to use on our hair in order to avoid the living hell most of us experience come June and/or July. (That humidity is REAL.)

So take Toronto’s #haircast for today: thanks to the 0% POP, low winds, and 44% humidity, its “Looking Good” — unlike Thursday evening, in which the light rain will result in “Flat Hair.” Then, from there, the site will recommend products to prevent the aforementioned disaster.

The feature will also suggest hairstyles that can help combat difficult to style days, as well as validate your hatred for the types of conditions you know are out to get you and your hair, specifically. (You hear me, cloudy and humid? It’s on.)

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