5 Ways to Love Hanging with Your Girlfriends Even More this Summer

Keeping any relationship exciting and fun requires some spontaneity. Summer is the best time to think outside the bubble when it comes to socializing. Here are 5 ideas for creative summer hangouts:

1. Go garage sale-ing
Sure, you’re far from a clan little old ladies, but scoping out garage sales can be even more fun than vintage shopping. It’s a great way to spend time outdoors, and it also helps you step outside of your style comfort zone. Garage sales are full of all kinds of crazy used goods and the different context can let you see things in a different light. Get up early on a Saturday morning to hunt down some yard sales happening around your hood, and make a map to plan your route.

2. Plan your own DIY workshop series
Chances are, you and your friends can learn from each other. Barter knowledge for knowledge by giving your crew a workshop demonstrating your most confident skill. Maybe you are super handy in the kitchen and want to show your pals how to work with phyllo pastry, or teach some basic knife techniques. Maybe you can knit like a champ, or excel at sun salutations. Whatever it is you know best, get a group together and present your knowledge.

3. Fly a kite
Flying a kite is surprisingly tricky and requires a certain amount of skill. Make it your summer goal to master the whimsical art of kite flying with your crew. Head to the park for an afternoon and let the wind be your guide. It’s even more fun if you make your own “ the bigger, the better.

4. Go fruit picking
Head to your nearest farm (this might require a road trip or a jump on the train), and conquest for seasonal fruits. Be warned: local and seasonal fruit is seriously addictive “ you might never be satisfied with your grocery store again. In May, rhubarb is at its peak, June, strawberries, blueberries and cherries, July, peaches, raspberries and strawberries. Make a mean batch of tarts together when you get home. Or try something a bit more ambitious and read up on making your own preserves “ you’ll be able to taste that seasonal goodness all year round.

5. Make a time capsule together
The beauty of a time capsule is that it captures a moment in time that you can return to when you open it in years to come. They’re super fun to make. You could do scrap book style, full of pictures and notes and memories of your awesome times with your friends, lists of favourites, goals and aspirations, and what you love about each other. Wherever you are in 1, 2, or 3 years, make a promise to your pals that you’ll open this time capsule together.

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