William + Kate = When?

Remember last week when we waited with bated breath to hear of the engagement between Prince William and his long-term girlfriend Kate Middleton?  No?  (Neither do we.)

However, according to various sources, a royal engagement was to be announced recently, and to the shock and dismay of anyone interested, nothing was announced and life continued as normal.  (And by “normal”, I mean “with the rumour mill working at full force in order to explain the delay or postponement”.)  But alas, an explanation has been realized – and it’s not scandalous, shocking or tabloid-fodder, it’s actually quite understandable.

Evidently, William’s sensitivity to the paparazzi has led to putting off the announcement, as his lovely Kate is regularly stalked by the photogs and the future king wants to ensure her safety above all else. (Newsflash: chivalry is not dead.)  But the real question of the hour – is putting off getting married (or at least announcing it) really going to change anything?  Wouldn’t it work to provoke them more?  (Since the paparazzi clearly has no problem invading subjects’ space and asking questions often considered inappropriate or over the top.)

Anyway, we can all assume that the lovely Miss Middleton will be the future Queen of England – but can we assume that unlike previous royals’ highly publicized weddings, this one will be kept out of the spotlight?

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