Nikki Reed Debuts Jewellery Line

Nikki Reed has just launched her own jewellery collection in partnership with GLAMboutique. Called Mattlin Era, the Twilight actress took a sentimental approach, even naming the collection after her grandmother.

Reed officially launched Mattlin Era at Fred Segal in Los Angeles earlier this week.

Each piece feels very personal, and there is a story behind all of them. I designed the Topanga cuff with my mother in mind, because it reminded me of being a kid and going to the Topanga Festival close to where she grew up, Reed told Teen Vogue. On a less personal note, I was very inspired by bees while designing this collection. The honeycomb pattern is something you see repeated throughout. A lot of people don’t understand the important roles bees play in our environment!

Reed added that she always wanted to design jewellery because she used to do it as a hobby with her mother when she was a kid. The actress told BANG Showbiz that she designed Mattlin Era with her young fans in mind and wanted to ensure that the pieces were affordable.

To design the pieces, Reed had help from Pascal Mouawad, who also helped Kristin Cavallari design her GLAMboutique jewellery collection. Reed’s collection is comprised of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. They have almost a rustic and tribal feel, and was definitely inspired by nature.

To see Nikki Reed’s Mattlin Era jewellery collection, click here.

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