Blake Lively Is Fronting Which Brand?

We know Blake Lively is one of Uncle Karl’s favourites, so what is he going to say when he finds out she’s the face of Gucci’s new fragrance?

The 24-year-old will now be fronting Gucci’s new scent, Gucci Premiere, which has been named in the spirit of the brand’s 2010-launched line. Naturally, Blake Lively is super excited.

“Gucci is a staple,” she told WWD. “It is a brand I have always looked up to because to me it represents strength. In their designs, in their images, in what they stand for philanthropically, and especially in their fragrance. I couldn’t be more proud to be working with Gucci and its heart, Frida.”

The Frida she’s talking about is not the famous painter (obviously), but Frida Gianninni, Gucci’s creative director. Says Gianninni of Blake Lively: “Although she’s young, she’s also very determined, and I like this spirit. She knows how to be a diva in the right sense with the aspirational glamour.”

High praise from the Gucci think-tanks!

We can all channel our inner diva and/or Blake Lively in September when the fragrance launches globally.

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