Bachelor Canada, Season 2, Episode 3 Recap: When in Cabo

Twelve ladies are left vying for Tim’s heart, and they’ve kicked off the episode by heading to Mexico for some fun in the sun. Tim greeted the ladies with a one-on-one date card, and picked (villainous) Lisa to spend some time with, obviously spurring some negative remarks and glances as she headed off to get ready. A little bit edgy, Lisa was in for a treat when Tim brought her to a canyon to do some variation of bungee jumping basically called a death swing. In an attempt to comfort Lisa, Tim took her hand (he’s kind of cheesy, isn’t he?) and then shared their first smooch while swinging through the air. After their free-fall, they went for a stroll, had some vino and did some chatting. Weirdly enough, they seemed to have a connection—enough to get Lisa a rose and another week with Tim.

Back at the hotel, Martha and Trisha were talking about the cocktail party and Kaylynn’s behavior and Kaylynn immediately went to set the record straight, saying that it had nothing to do with Martha and that she was already emotional. Talking about being emotional naturally made her emotional once more, and when Martha tried to tell her that she was a little ridiculous, Kaylynn once again started with the “I was bullied in school” BS and teared up once more. The group date card came up, taking Martha, Sachelle, Jenny and April Borgnetta.

On the group date, Tim took the ladies to do a traditional Mexican dance. Sachelle was immediately nervous, while Mexican Martha was feeling confident—but then Tim dropped the bomb that one lady would actually get to continue a solo date with him later that night. April and Jenny were having fun with it, but type-A Sachelle was struggling while Martha’s mean streak started coming out just a teensy bit. In the end it seemed like no one knew what the hell they were doing—including Tim—but they had some fun with it and Sachelle got the chance to spend more time with him. Being the most out of her element, Tim thought that she was the one that had the most fun with it considering—of course Martha and the other ladies weren’t the happiest with his decision. Tim delved into the past relationship issues right away, and Sachelle revealed that she’d been cheated on more than once. After they shared war stories, they shared a kiss and it was so perfect you could already imagine how adorable their holiday card would look.

At the hotel, Natalie, Rileigh, April Brockman, Dominique, Trisha and Christine were on the next group date card, leaving Kaylynn the only one without a date card this week. Naturally, this wasn’t going to work for Kaylynn, so she marched up to Tim’s hotel room to try and set the record straight that the crybaby side isn’t the real her. She was trying to fight the tears while she pleaded her case. Even though she was sounding pretty effing crazy to some of us, it seemed to remind Tim that he liked Kaylynn and she probably solidified another week there. This spurred a frenzy in Tim and he went and shook some things up with the ladies. Instead of playing beach volleyball with the girls, he decided to cancel the five-on-one date and hang out casually with all of the ladies together—meaning there was a bit more competition. Natalie took some time to chat with Tim, but in spite of her selling points, she was pretty insecure. Each of the girls fought for a few moments with him and the insecurities just got worse. April Brockman started with her tears and Tim ran off to her rescue to see what was wrong. After talking her out of her bad mood, Tim spontaneously whisked April into the ocean and even though they had fun, when Tim went back he was met with some pretty tense ladies.

Deciding he needed to make some “drastic changes,” Tim decided to send four ladies home that day—versus the two he was originally planning. Skipping the cocktail party since the whole group spent the day together, Tim cut to the chase with the speech about how lucky he is and then went on to sending four ladies home. In the end, he sent home Martha, Christine, Jenny and April Borgnetta, but that doesn’t mean the crazy stops there—some of the other ladies (ahem, Kaylynn) were already showing their stage five clinger-ness. It was hard for others letting go of the friends they made—and as weird as Lisa seems, her and Sachelle were sad to see Jenny go, even shedding a few tears. But the wet eyes were dried pretty quickly when Tim announced they’d be heading to the Bahamas next week.

Coming up roses: Lisa, Kaylynn, Trish, Sachelle, April Brockman, Natalie, Dominique and Rileigh.

Bachelorettes to watch: Kaylynn (oh the teeeeeears), Lisa, Natalie, April Brockman

Kiss count: Lisa, Sachelle (Episode – 2; Season – 5)

Cry count: Kaylynn, April Brockman, Trisha (Episode – 3; Season: 5)

Cat fight: (Episode – 0; Season: 0.5)

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