Cara Delevingne Designs for DKNY

Cara Delevingne's collection for DKNY has finally been revealed and it's pretty much exactly what you hoped it would be. Seemingly inspired by the model's signature street style, the collection is full of crop tops, T-shirts, beanies and jumpsuits. 

"I first started to work with DKNY almost two years ago. They always encouraged my design input, my personal style and my ideas from the very beginning of our working relationship.  Our creative synergy only grew with time and before you knew it we were exchanging ideas for a jumpsuit," said Delevingne. "It was an organic process and it made sense. DKNY is urban and edgy but most of all, it's individual! They truly embrace the weirdness in all of us, so you  can really be yourself." 

The capsule collection includes 15 pieces, many of which were inspired by DKNY's archived pieces. Each has a special meaning to Delevingne and is tailored for both men and women. That's right, the model is following in the footsteps of Pharrell (who recently released a unisex fragrance) and letting go of gender ideals in the fashion world, which I say is pretty commendable. The collection itself is versatile and can give you an androgynous, feminine or masculine look, depending on how you style the pieces. 

"I love to layer every which way. There are 15 pieces to play with—no rules, no 'looks', just opportunities," Delevingne added. "For me, it starts with the crop top. It’s essential. You take it from there. A sweat suit/jumpsuit (put it on, and you’re done.) My dream pantsuit, because you can boy it up, split it up or suit it up, when needed. There are tanks, tees, fun hoodies, track pants, a leather crop bomber TO DIE FOR!! And, of course, an amazing parka— an urban must!!"

The entire collection will be available worldwide at all DKNY stores and online at starting October 15. Prices range from $75 to $375 USD. 

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