Are Beyonce and Jay Z working on a secret album?

I KNEW IT. I knew Beyonce and Jay Z were stronger than yesterday (yes — like the Britney Spears song, thank you kindly), and that there was NO WAY "rumours" of their impending divorce had any traction. Why? Because I love them and they are my best friends. Also: because there wasn't a peep about Beyonce's 2013 album during the whole recording process. Do you really think the most secretive couple on earth were about to have some gossipy friend take to Page Six without them knowing? Hell no. They're marketing geniuses.

So anyway: according to that VERY SAME Page Six, Bey and Jay are reportedly working on a secret album because life is beautiful and nothing hurts.

Said a source, the couple are secretly recording right now, and will release their work later this year or early next. What will accompany it? MAYBE a movie. Also videos. 

This is literally all any of us should care about, moving forward. At least in terms of music and/or popular culture and/or people we should aspire to be. And while nothing has been confirmed (and again — you have to take these sources with a grain of salt, especially when remembering how Beyonce released a record without ANYBODY knowing), it at least fuels our hope that what we saw on the On the Run tour was for real and not just an incredible performance.

At the very least? You can take those divorce rumours and shove them . . . in a garbage bin. Because I don't believe them, and I don't care to hear about them ever again.

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