Anna Wintour wants Kate Middleton for Vogue

Is anyone tired of Kate Middleton yet? I hope not, because Anna Wintour will allegedly do anything to land the Dutchess of Cambridge on the cover of Vogue.

According to a source (as always, right?), “Anne has been speaking to [photographer] Mario [Testino] about winning over Kate” and “is really pressing him to shoot Kate for the cover”.

As you may remember, Mario already shot the Duke and Dutchess prior to their wedding (having taken the couple’s engagement photos), and is also responsible for many iconic photos of Princess Diana. A close friend of the Royal Family, it makes sense that Anna would go to him first.

However, another source that “every magazine has been trying to get Kate, and many assume it will eventually be Vogue. But even with the Mario Testino friendship, it is not clear when it will happen. The palace must approve it, and they are very protective of Kate.”

And for good reason. Having become one of the most photographed women of the last couple months, the woman-formerly-known-as-Ms. Middleton is at no loss for attention or offers of cover shoots.

So why does Ms. Wintour have such an affinity for The Duchess? Having said previously, “There is just nothing trashy or vulgar about her. She dresses her age and never looks out of place.”

An Anna in the making perhaps?

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