Andrej Pejic Gets A Song

Considering Andrej Pejic was one of the biggest fashion models of 2011, it makes sense that he’s become the subject of a song.

Called “Fashion Boy,” the track is written by London-based musician and singer Victoria Aitken, and has already been remixed by Madonna and Lady Gaga’s producers, Bimbo Jones.

Of her latest project, Aitken said: “As a muse to my latest single, Andrej Pejic has taken us to a territory we haven’t charted before. I’m absolutely mad about him!”

And so she should be. One of the most unique models of the 21st century, Andrej Pejic’s trademark sometimes-masculine/sometimes-feminine look is on par with a young David Bowie – which is saying something since the Thin White Duke’s cheekbones are someothing to write home about.

Naturally, the lyrics to “Fashion Boy” sing Andrej Pejic’s praises like the rest of the world, with the phrase “he has the kind of smile that makes the girls go wild – he is the king of style” being nestled between beginning and chorus.

So far, Andrej Pejic has yet to release a comment, but we can only hope he’s as enthusiastic as Madonna and Bimbo Jones seemed to be.

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