Alright, “50 Shades” Fans: Here’s Jamie Dornan News

Now that it's been confirmed that Jamie Dornan will be reprising his role as Christian Grey (for 4.5 million GBP, according to The Mirror), suffice to say, he's in-demand.

So if you've already watched The Fall (and honestly, if you have, how are you still attracted to him, you guys?), take solace in this: Dornan has just been cast in a WWII drama.

According to Variety, the film, Anthropoid, will revolve around "an assassination attempt on Reinhard Heydrich, an SS general who led the Nazi forces in Czechoslovakia and gained the nickname, 'the Butcher of Prague.'" Two soldiers from the Czech army in exile are then trained by the British army and parachute into Czechoslovakia with the assignment to kill Heydrich, and the codename? Anthropoid. (So yeah: it sounds amazing.)

Dornan will co-star alongside Cillian Murphy, and will start filming in July. Which is probably something Dornan needs to re-establish himself as an actor, and not just some loser who stalks Dakota Johnson for 75% of a movie. (He does, you guys. Remember when he's just standing there in the hardware aisle like a creep? Not hot, people. Not hot at all.)

The thing is, 50 Shades is a series based on Twilight fan fiction. So to prevent the Pattinson effect (aka poor Robert Pattinson was typecast for what felt like eons), it's smart for Dornan to step into roles as far away as possible from Christian Grey. So a soldier assigned to kill an SS officer? Bingo. And since Cillian Murphy doesn't seem to mess around with the roles he chooses, we might have a bona fide gem on our hands. 

Get psyched!

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