Alexander Skarsgard: Face Of ‘Encounter’

Just in time for the season premiere this Sunday, Calvin Klein has unveiled Alexander Skarsgard as their face of the fragrance, ‘Encounter.’

With both a print ad and a TV spot scheduled, ‘Encounter’ will channel the steaminess of True Blood, and we can see them for ourselves in September when the campaign officially launches. Co-starring Lara Stone, the “film noir”-esque ads were shot by Steven Klein and “tells the story of unresolved tension and desire between a man and a woman.” (Not that Alexander Skarsgard would know ANYTHING about that from his role in True Blood. Ha.)

‘Encounter’ itself will hit shelves in September, and is priced between $40 and $72. It will also have top notes of “mandarin, cardamom and rum” in case you were curious about anything other than Alexander Skarsgard channeling his inner, tortured romantic lead.

As for True Blood, Skarsgard has revealed that this season, the vampires will be “in deep trouble and [will] got to learn how to work together in fighting a common enemy.”

And you thought life would be over when Mad Men wrapped up.

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