Alexa Chung and Alex Turner Call It Quits

Tapping out on their four-year relationship, the two were reportedly living separate lives due to hectic schedules, with Alexa Chung’s spokeperson confirming the news early Sunday: “It’s completely amicable, but yes it’s true. They have split.”


However, a public breakup wouldn’t be a breakup without an anonymous source tip, who claimed the two were barely speaking at Glastonbury last month. The source also said things came “to a breaking point” last month when Ms. Chung bought a house in New York ahead of her upcoming reality series, thus putting further (literal) distance between the UK-based rocker.

But like all actual amicable breakups, the two chose to call things off in order to stay friends (let’s hear it for maturity, everyone!), with the tipster revealing that “they’ve been through a lot together and all their friends are sad they’ve called time as a couple.”

Here’s hoping they stay close with such a decent history – especially since both Alex and Alexa seem so down-to-earth.

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