Agyness Deyn Has Made A Comeback

I always liked Agyness Deyn. Why? Because she was interesting, you guys, and she never did anything to me. She did her job! And I respect someone who does their job. But then she went away to focus on acting, and we were without Agyness Deyn.

UNTIL NOW. (I've been waiting my whole life to say something like that.)

Thanks to the World Wide Web (aka the minds at The Cut), it turns out that Deyn is now a model-turned-designer, aaaaaaaand that this collection is fucking good.

The line is called Title A, and it debuted on Net-A-Porter last week. It's also dressy and androgynous (which makes sense, considering the model herself was renowned for her very Annie Lennox-like look), and owned by Deyn and her sister, Emily. This isn't some designer hook-up — these women are not fucking around. (And yes! They did the Doc Martens' collection together, too.)

"We really gravitated towards men's style, obviously," she told The Cut. "But also people like Cathy Horyn. People like that who are also craving that kind of style. Like Patti Smith. I feel like she paved the way for that style. Katherine Hepburn."

PREEEEACH. Oh wait. You weren't DONE, Agyness Deyn? WHAT'S that thing you wanted to say about feminism?

"Yeah, I really feel like feminism nowadays is kind of speaking up for what you want and what you aspire to be," she said. "I feel like women, and especially this younger generation like Petra Collins and Tavi and all these young women who are out there doing their thing — creating, making art, taking pictures, and not fitting into that pigeonhole of what society thinks a woman should dress like."

Remember when Agyness Deyn was the best? Read her interview and check out her line. MORE CONVERSATIONS LIKE THIS PLEASE, EVERYONE.

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