12 Reasons Why 2016 Juno Winner Alessia Cara is a Badass

In case you missed it, the 2016 Juno Awards were on last night, and while you may have been tuning into the season finale of The Walking Dead or spending your night boxing or something (what Bieber was doing”at least when he recorded his lame acceptance speech since he’s apparently too cool to support a night of Canadian music), we had our eyes fixed to Alessia Cara the entire night. If you haven’t quite gotten on board with this badass singer, we’ve rounded up 10 reasons why she should be on your playlist.

1. She opened the 2016 Junos with her hit song Here (followed by “Wild Things”) and absolutely killed it.

2. She’s a singer that can actually sing”who knew? Plus, all her songs are amazing. Listen to her entire debut album, Know-It-All, here.

3. She rocked a tuxedo at the Junos like nobody’s business.


4. After her performance, she tweeted this:

5. She deservingly won Breakthrough Artist of the Year and, like all of us probably would, her reaction was, “Holy shit.”

6. Then when she went up to accept her award, she was gracious and thanked all the right people.

7. In addition to winning, she was also nominated for R&B Recording of the Year, Single of the Year and the Juno Fan Choice Award.

8. Like other Canadian singers before her, she got her start posting videos on YouTube and now she’s performing and winning Juno awards because she’s that good. Oh and she’s handling her newfound fame with a bit more class than those others that couldn’t be bothered to show up.

9. Even Taylor Swift endorsed her (#girlpower #squadgoals #needacollaborationplease)

10. She can speak fluent Italian (I’m impressed by this because my mom is Italian, but I can barely speak any).

11. She’s already been on Jimmy Fallon and Rolling Stone noticed.

12. Basically, non-Canadians think she’s cool, which means she’s that much closer to being the next Drake and upping Canada’s musical street cred even more (#bless).

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