10 Hilarious YouTube Videos You Must Watch

It's YouTube's world, and we're just living in it. And while we can all pretend we spend the day working, and never once, say, spending an hour or two descending into the darkest depths of YouTube, it's important we remain honest here. And honestly? I spend too much time descending into the darkest depths of YouTube. Is that embarrassing to admit? Probably. But let he who is without procrastination cast the first video. And to help you make peace with your own viewing habits, we've rounded up ten of our favourite comedic videos because truthfully, we all deserve to laugh today.

10. "The Most Popular Girls in School" 

Directed by Mark Cope, written by Carlo Moss, and voiced by Moss, Andrew Delman, and Lily Vonnegut, you can re-live high school in a world where everybody just told it exactly like it was. Also, everybody is dolls.

9. "The Swiffer Effect"
Okay, fine. This isn't a comedy video. It's not even close. But what is actually a commercial is also THE GREATEST THING WE HAVE EVER SEEN. Look at these guys. Married for years and years, 90 years old, given a chance to use a swiffer instead of a mop and bucket… ah, who cares about that. Look at them! They give me hope! HOPE. Take me with you, Morty and Leigh.

8."Grandma Has Mad Drumming Skills"
No, but seriously, Mary is cooler than any of us, and the sooner we make peace with that, the better life will be.

7. "It's Hot As Hell"
But while Mary is cooler than us, this woman IS us (and also, as warm as us). Us, when it was so hot, and no one could do anything but watch this video and nod and cry.

6. "The Front Desk"
Fellow fans still in mourning for 30 Rock, we now have something to pledge allegiance to. Enter: The Front Desk, a webseries starring Scott Adsit and John Lutz that revolves around — I'll give you three guesses — the front deskBrilliant! I know. But also hilarious, and great.

5. "Women at Work"
I am plugging myself. I know. But hear me out! Every couple of weeks, Amanda Brooke Perrin and I will interview women we look up to, and whose careers we admire. In this episode, you can watch Kiva Reardon talk to us about Cleo, her feminist film journal (and me talk a lot with my hands).

4. "Alison Brie Imitates Popular Internet Memes"
Paul F. Tompkins' Speakeasy series is gold for the interviews alone, but in this episode, he got Community's Alison Brie to re-enact the Internet's most popular memes. What could possibly go wrong?

3. "Blurring Pains"
Have you been spending the summer asking yourself what it'd sound like if Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" aligned itself with the theme to the Alan Thicke series "Growing Pains?" I have. I have been big time.

2. "Lena Dunham Auditions For Zero Dark Thirty"
It's four months old, yes, but since we've been without Girls for just as long (longer?), we deserve a comedic take on the HBO star. Also, it still personally makes me laugh, and Ms. Dunham herself sanctioned it, too. (So we don't have to feel bad.)

1. "Drunk History: Uncensored — Mary Dyer"
Drunk History is back! It's back! It's back on the Internet, and on Comedy Central, but even if you don't get Comedy Central, you can still appreciate the beauty that is its YouTube offerings. Here, we see Jen Kirkman and Winona Ryder (!!!) tell the story of Mary Dyer, proving that even if you grew up in Canada, you will suddenly feel compelled to learn as much information as possible about events that went down in the U.S.


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