10 F*cked Up Things That Happened on The Bachelor: The Women Tell All

We’re almost at the end! One of the most entertaining episodes of each season (ALL THE TRUTH BOMBS), The Women Tell All is always a highlight”especially with Ben coming on the hot seat for dropping L-bombs to two women on the season.

  1. Tiara’s chicken Sheila chicken was there (don’t worry, I don’t remember Tiara either”just the weird Chicken Enthusiast profession) and whenever things got tense, she clucked and flapped her wings as if in protest for all the ridiculousness.
  1. We discovered that Shushanna actually speaks English.
  1. Amber and Jami brought up that the drama with Jubilee started when she said that she was the only real black girl in the group.
  1. Lace revealed that the crazy side that came out on The Bachelor wasn’t actually her and she doesn’t want to go back to that place and is taking a cue from the Biebs and learning to love herself (maybe Ben’s mom doesn’t like her and she likes everyone?).
  1. And just when you thought things couldn’t get crazier for Crazy Lace, one of the cameramen came out with a tattoo of Lace’s face on his stomach. And since she can totally handle these situations, she even agreed to go to Bachelor in Paradise.
  1. Olivia and her mouth sat in the hot seat and said she knew things were weird in the house, but she didn’t realize things were being said about her.
  1. Amanda schooled Olivia on being a mother and laid out all the shitty comments she made, and the (professional) twins let her have it.
  2. Olivia revealed that she was severely bullied as a child and that the whole experience brought her back to that time. Everyone rolled their eyes.
  1. Even when Caila is emotional she was still weirdly chipper”clearly not something that jived well with Chris Harrison who kept prodding for some tears (which she didn’t really give him”she’s too optimistic for that shit), though she did say she wants a guy who looks at her the way Ben looks at Lauren and JoJo (or the way I look at coffee–pure unadulterated L-O-V-E).
  1. Ben came on the show and addressed some of the ladies’ concerns, including Leah, who asked why he baited her out. He responded saying he needed to address some concerns, but that it was her choice to lie. BOOM. Most of the girls gave their well wishes for Ben and his impending decision and then Chris made Ben tell Emily and Haley apart.

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