10 F*cked Up Things That Happened on The Bachelor: Season 20, Episode 9

It’s down to the final three, which means FANTASY SUITES!

  1. The three remaining ladies (JoJo, Lauren and Caila), woke up in Jamaica facing the harsh realities of the post-hometown situation: dropping L-bombs, weirdly protective families and getting engaged in two weeks.
  2. Saying his relationship with Caila’s was “the deepest” of the three, which is weird because on their river raft ride, THEY BARELY SPOKE. To break the silence… they started kissing. The closest we get to a “deep relationship” on The Bachelor. She said things like “I don’t want to ruin the rest of the day,” but didn’t talk (hence, ruining the day) and “tonight needs to go well,” as if sleeping with him will solidify their “deep connection.” giphy (1)
  3. After Caila told Ben she loved him, she turned back into the bubbly person Ben is “falling for,” and after their fantasy date, Caila said more weird things like, “I don’t need him to tell me he loves me, I just felt it.”
  4. Next up was Lauren’s overnight date and she was also getting ready to drop the L-bomb. But first, the most important part of their date: THEY PLAYED WITH BABY SEA TURTLES. giphy (2)
  5. In a strange turn of events, Lauren got a private pool for her fantasy suite (when Caila only had a queen bed) and Ben said he loves Lauren back (multiple times), so I think we just figured out who’s going to win!
  6. Then Ben had his date with JoJo, but we still couldn’t get this out of our mindsgiphy
  7. JoJo and Ben visited waterfalls and JoJo said she had never seen something so beautiful. Bachelorette Andi (our fave live-tweeter), summed it up perfectly: Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 9.09.29 PM
  8. While they were on their date, JoJo also said “I love you,” and since the gates have been opened and Bachelor rules are made to be broken, Ben said it back to JoJo. SEE YA LATER, CAILA.
  9. As Ben was telling the camera how his feelings were clear with Lauren and JoJo (he kept emphasizing that it was only two women, not three), but not so much with Caila, she just happened to be thinking about him and had to have him in the most creepy stalkerish way possible. Caila thought she was being all charming and adorable in her Disney princess-like world, but instead she got dumped. WELL, THAT WAS AWKWARD. 502-Wedding-Crashers-quotes
  10. But, at least Ben’s sure about the other two–makes the rose ceremony much easier! Of course, they still did a rose ceremony because they needed to fill the extra time to make up two hours and a night alone with these two girls, plus an ILY wasn’t confirmation enough.

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