BRB Channeling Alicia Keys Forever

So everybody here is on board with Alicia Keys I assume (unless you want to start a fight with me, which would also be fine, I am tired and cranky today and can absolutely shout louder than anybody at this point). Which means that you’ll love the way she clapped back at some dude-centric nonsense.

As we know, Keys has been pretty open about her decision not to wear makeup. Which, like, good on her! You don’t want to wear makeup? Don’t wear makeup. If anyone has an issue with that, they can see themselves out of the room and out of your life, so goodbye forever. (Or not, if you’re a person who is reasonable and doesn’t care what other people do or don’t do to their faces.)

Anyway, the singer’s Voice co-star Adam Levine told Howard Stone that he saw Alicia putting on makeup and said, “Oh, I thought Alicia doesn’t wear makeup.” To which Alicia Keys responded, “I do what the fuck I want.”

Yes, yep, correct. (Calm down, Adam Levine.)

Here’s the thing: oh my God, “not wearing makeup” can mean a lot of things. Like, maybe it means wearing no makeup. Or, maybe it means wearing only mascara. Or, maybe it means wearing under-eye concealer. Also, if Alicia Keys woke up tomorrow and decided to go full MAC then all we’re allowed to do is say, “Okay cool!” Anyway, “I do what the fuck I want” will now be the title of my memoir going forward, and I’d like to thank Alicia Keys for issuing a blanket statement for 99% of any and everything any of us might ever be called out for (when there’s no reason to be).

Now go enjoy your Tuesdays, you beautiful sea turtles.

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