9 F*cked Up Things That Happened on The Bachelor: Season 21, Episode 2

Let the dates begin! With two group dates and one solo date on the menu for this week’s episode, Chris Harrison made it very clear that not all of the 22 remaining hopefuls would get time with Nick. Of course, he also said, in no uncertain terms, “if you’ve got time with Nick, take advantage of it.” Let’s see how that goes, shall we?

1. In the first date of the episode (and season), the group went to do a photo shoot with Nick… and a bunch of wedding dresses — because exactly what you need to give a bunch of desperate women (okay, not all of them) is a chance to wear a wedding dress with the man of their dreams. And, of course, not all the women could be brides — because every bride needs a bridesmaid, right?

2. This date felt like a doozy and a marathon and just very, very long. When it was Corinne’s turn to go up (of course she was in the “beach wedding” attire, which was just a bikini), she decided she’d rather be topless and basically forced Nick to grab her boobs.

3. At the second part of the date, it was a ping pong game of Corinne stealing Nick away (by my count she did it four times, but don’t quote me on that — I was definitely eye rolling a lot during this part and may have missed one), but then got upset when Taylor (I think? Having a hard time keeping track of everyone this season) re-interrupted her after Corinne interrupted her first. WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING RIGHT NOW?! Of course, that didn’t matter because Nick is into getting chased, so he didn’t stop her and even gave her the date rose, condoning her behaviour.

4. Danielle M. got the first solo date, giving Nick the chance to hang with a seemingly sweet and chill girl. The two kicked off their date with a helicopter ride, and then some time on a yacht (as one does) where they went into a hot tub, because that’s what you do on a boat sitting in water.

5. Meanwhile, back at the house, Liz was explaining for the millionth time how her and Nick met (and hooked up) at Jade and Tanner’s wedding (I sincerely hope no one was doing a drinking game for that because you’d have alcohol poisoning by now), admitting to one of the girls that they slept together.

6. Nick took the second group of women to the “museum of broken relationships” where he showed off the engagement ring that he bought for Kaitlyn (womp womp) while the date was interrupted by an arguing couple (NOT AT ALL STAGED). Afterwards, everyone had to “break up” with Nick to show off how they would communicate during a rough patch (because after you get married in one date, you break up in another… Foreshadowing???). While it was mostly light-hearted, it took a turn when Liz stood up…

7. She took her time to lay alllll her shit out. YES, in front of everyone else. WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. EFF. Her “breakup” was super-heartfelt and would have been super-sweet if she hadn’t made everyone feel incredibly awkward and uncomfortable.

8. After the fake breakups, Nick took each of the girls aside separately (it was all much more civil without Corinne there) to see who knew about him and Liz. Of course, Christen already knew (Liz confided in her) and told Nick that and he was not happy about it. BUT, in a strange turn of events, he realized that Liz was not there for the right reasons and actually sent her packing. And then, because he’s apparently a gentleman now, he was honest with everyone.

9. AFTER ALL THAT we didn’t even get a cocktail party or rose ceremony. I can’t with this show.

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