29 Questions We Have From The Bachelorette Canada: Episode 6

The remaining seven bachelors join Jasmine in Marrakesh, Morocco where we get an emotional two-on-one date and dramatic rose ceremony.

1. Jasmine describes Marrakesh as a place “that is different than anywhere any of us have been.” That’s it? That is how you describe one of the most beautiful cities in the world?!

2. How many times does Thomas need to tell us he’s an INTERNATIONAL model?

3. Is there any date card worse than the two-on-one?

4. Does Benoit ever stop smiling? Even when the guys are all telling him he may go home on his one-on-one date?

5. Kudos to Benoit for getting up and showing off his dance moves, but was he a little tooooo into that belly dancer?

7. Is Benoit too perfect? Too boring?

8. Did the producers miss the memo on the two-on-one date? Any REAL Bachelor fan knows it is when you match up the villain and the person in the house who hates them the most. Drew was supposed to be on that card!!!!

9. Is anyone else not SHOCKED Drew wasn’t on the two-on-one date?

10. Is anyone else BUMMED that Drew isn’t being epically sent home on the two-on-one date?????

11. All of these Two Oceans Wine ads during the Bachelorette Canada make me really thirsty. This isn’t a question, but a statement that the advertising is working.

12. Is there any cooler way to show up to a date than on the back of a camel? No.

13. How is Jasmine struggling between Mike and Thomas? Is this not the easiest decision ever?

14. She feels if she had a future with Thomas is would be a lasting one?!?!??!?! He’s an “international model” from Regina. WTF Jasmine.

15. Didn’t Mike’s story of when his mother passed give you the chills? So so so sad. 🙁

16. Where did Jasmine get her top for the two-on-one date? It’s super cute.

17. Who is scared of having security in their life?! How is this a hard decision?

18. Is it right to date a guy because of the “lifestyle” he’ll provide you? Shouldn’t it just be about him and your connection? Probably for the best Thomas went home on the two-on-one. (Phew!)

19. Who has better hair: Thomas or Jasmine?

20. Is it not the worst when you go on holiday and it RAINS? You flew across the globe… and it rains. Boo.

21. Why is Kevin W. slamming Jasmine into the ground???? Is that not terrifying?

22. Kevin P. really likes accessories. Yes, another non-question. But, this needed to be pointed out. #pinkyring

23. Drew, are you seriously trying to make fun of Mikhel? Seriously? Don’t you dare.

24. Are dudes still wearing pink v-necks? Looking at you Kevin W.

25. How is Drew still here??? Stoooooop talking about yourself dude!

26. Do you think Drew wants to be the next Bachelor Canada?

27. How exciting would it be if we gave Kevin W. a makeover? Nice haircut, new shirt… I think it would do wonders!

28. Drew, how are you trying to find out if Jasmine is the girl for you if you just keep spewing your sales pitch over and over and over again?

29. Is Kevin W. really trying to make Jasmine feel bad for not giving him the rose on the group date? Does he not remember there are six other men still there? Also… GO JASMINE for being so real with him and putting him in his place.

FINALLY!!! Jasmine saw the light and kicked Drew to the curb. I hope he watches this episode and sees how big of a loser he is. BOY BYE!

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