‘90s Horror Flicks That are Still Scary AF

The ’90s was no golden age for horror movies, but it did give us some sweet meta and gore-filled wonders like the Scream trilogy, I Know What You Did Last Summer and Urban Legend. Revisiting these is great for a laugh (or an excuse for a cuddle) in the spook-filled month of October, but it’s a rare one that will truly scare you. If you want to get chilled right to the bone, check out these ’90s horror flicks that were, and still are, freaky AF.

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The Blair Witch Project (1999)


This movie ruined the romance of getting lost in the woods for a lot of us. When it came out, its marketing campaigns aimed to spark debate about whether it was a real documentary or not (its IMDb page even listed the actors as “missing, presumed dead” the year it came out), and The Blair Witch lived up to its buzz. Psychological themes and the well-done cinematography made it an iconic movie that set the standard for found footage films.

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