Betty White is 95 so Take That, Everybody

I know everything feels like it’s burning down around us (LOL remember when we thought 2016 would bring an end to the madness?) (and by “we” I mean “nobody” because who thought that really), but I have some good news: Betty White turns 95 today, and she is better than all of us.

I mean, I don’t have any actual proof of that, but I read her memoir and she seems pretty wonderful and girlfriend is still on Hot in Cleveland and she also recently sat down with Katie Couric to talk about the majesty of being nearly 100.

On top of revealing that her love of animals goes way back (“We spoke the same language”), she admitted to being surprised her fans had started a GoFundMe campaign to keep her safe following the deaths of literally every person on this planet last year.

“I just appreciate the fact that people have been so kind to me all these years,” she said. “The fact that I’m still working. That’s the thing I’m most grateful for — that I still get asked for jobs.”

And honestly, the fact that Betty White would be surprised at the fact she’s still working is bananas. Girlfriend is a force. She’s talented AF. She’s got hustle and heart and has been in the business since before most of our parents were even born. Which brings me to my next point: why shouldn’t any of us work until we’re 95? Why shouldn’t any of us take a page from the book of Betty? Why wouldn’t we all find things to do that make us happy and keep us charged and feeling alive?

And I mean, it’s not like what you love has to be your whole life, either. If you need a job/job that keeps the bills paid, just make sure you carve out enough time to do the other thing you love too. Fund your dreams and keep them alive but be responsible and keep your electricity running. (Metaphorically and literally.)

To me, that is the greatest lesson from our universal hero, Betty White. Keep enough space in your life that your passion will always fit and you will live forever.

Or else.

Happy birthday, Queen of My Heart.

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