Get Excited: A Downtown Abbey Movie (Might) Be Happening

For the record, nothing I am about to tell you is for sure. I am not promising there is a Downton Abbey movie on the way, nor am I promising that if there was to be one it would be good. I am simply relaying information I have learned through independent sources that may or may not include a Downton cast member, that is all.

So now that we’ve gotten that over with: there is maybe going to be a Downton Abbey movie.

In an interview with Lorraine, Jeremy Swift — who played butler Spratt — said that a script had been written and then mysteriously disappeared.

“There is a film script which we’ve all been sent but it disappeared in a Mission: Impossible style from our emails,” he explained. “With a little puff.”

“It’s supposed to be happening, filming, this year, but it hasn’t been locked down yet,” he added. “It’s just getting everybody in the same space and time. I think there is a huge appetite for it.”

Allow me to please quickly confirm that yes, yes there is, even if that appetite is only mine.

As you may or may not recall, the series wrapped at the end of 2015 and since then, there’s been speculation about a movie but never confirmation. The main problem? Logistics. As you may now, Downton Abbey had a cast of no less than 25925825 people, so gathering them all together is next to impossible, particularly since they’re not on contract the way they were when they were signed on to the actual show. And this means it’s kind of like any other reunion of a beloved franchise — and lest we forget that it took 84 years for the Gilmore Girls squad to gather as one and bring us four new episodes.

But honestly between Gilmore, Love Actually and the upcoming Will & Grace reboot, luck is on our side in terms of Downton. Besides, some of us really miss Lady Mary’s one-liners and aren’t getting nearly enough Maggie Smith in our lives. And by “some of us” I obviously mean “me,” whose opinion means everything, obviously, all the time.

What is a weekend?

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