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Spotify is always on at 29Secrets Headquarters “ whether it is a Dolly Parton day or jamming to the latest Drake album, we need music to work. When we were asked to contribute to a Spotify Toronto-centric playlist we were so excited to curate the best tunes for your listening pleasure.

You can listen to our picks by heading over to Spotify’s Music for Your World landing page and selecting the King of the City Playlist. Inspired by King Street’s 504 streetcar route, the playlist is meant to get you through the unique hustle and bustle of the daily commute.

So what tracks did we choose?

Jack U, Skrillex, Diplo & Justin Beiber – Where Are U Now

Listening to this song while you zoom past the mixture of modern and historic King Street architecture is quite perfect. Plus, this is probably the best song to come from our good ol’ Canadian boy, Justin Bieber, in a while.

The Weeknd – Earned It

Nothing calms our rush hour anxiety like this song does. And it makes us feel damn sexy too!

Beyonce – 7/11

The ultimate happy hour song while you’re kicking back shots on a King Street patio with your besties.

Drake – Know Yourself

Because where else would you run through the 6ix with your woes?! This song is mandatory.

Listen to our tracks, plus 103 more (that’s over 6 hours of tunes!) on the list from other Toronto tastemakers!

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