What Are Smart Skin Serums?

By Alison McGill

Imagine curating your extravagant (and expensive!) multi-step skincare routine down to one key product that treats all your issues: aging, uneven tone, dehydration, and sensitivity. No more over-spending on a haul of products; no more elaborate layering; no more fussing trying to figure out exactly what you skin needs to look amazing every day.

Great news: the era of low-fuss, highly effective skincare has arrived. The skin experts at Dermalogica recently launched Smart Response Serum, a groundbreaking new multi-benefit product that responds to your skin’s specific needs as they happen, in many causes preventing issues before they happen. We’re talking about proactive rather than reactive skincare—it literally micromanages the needs of your skin. How brilliant!

We recently spoke with Lindsay Barras, director of education for Dermalogica Canada, to learn about this new category of skincare innovation, and why a smart serum should be your skin’s new best friend.

What are the attributes of a smart skin serum?
“We’re talking about a product that delivers exactly what your individual skin needs and works in a completely personalized way. In the case of Dermalogica’s Smart Response Serum, it anticipates the needs of your skin before problems occur, and it can also correct and regulate any existing problems. It is formulated using SmartResponse Technology, a combination of targeted smart active ingredients which detect micro signals in your skin which prompt the product to act a certain way. The really cool thing about the serum is you apply it daily, but it will only target the specific issue detected by your skin’s micro signals at that moment.”

Dermalogica SmartResponse Skin Serum, $189 for 30ml

What specific skin problems does Smart Response Serum target?
“This serum is designed to simultaneously treat four major skin issues: aging, dehydration, hyperpigmentation, and sensitivity. When it comes to aging, it helps to energize the skin’s collagen-producing fibroblasts, which as we age, naturally become less productive. It contains a smart active ingredient designed to detect collagen weakness, and amp up your natural production. Dehydration is an issue for so many of us and it’s a result of a compromised skin barrier. When it’s not healthy, cracks form which opens the skin to free radical damage as well as water loss—as much as one liter of water a day can evaporate via these cracks! A complex mix of proteins work to rehab a damaged barrier function, and to hydrate and repair skin. Hyperpigmentation happens when skin produces too much melanin because of stress, sun, or hormonal fluctuations. This serum is designed to detect when too much melanin is being produced—it blocks and regulates the enzyme that causes this. Lastly, in the case of sensitive skin and redness, the serum helps prevent and detect free radical damage which lies at the heart of skin inflammation.”

How do you use this smart skin serum?
“This single product literally does the job of a least three different ones you may already be using in a system of layered application. Apply the serum twice a day after double cleansing, followed only by moisturizer, eye cream and sunscreen—do not layer other oils or serums with it as it will reduce the serum’s efficacy. It’s a perfect product if you have a myriad of skin concerns you want to tackle—the serum addresses things when, where, and how you need it to. If you are not producing micro signals for a particular issue when applied, the ingredients stay active in your skin for up to two days and will activate and start working when required. A great example of this is if you have a pimple suddenly erupt and cause irritation—because the smart actives are already present in your skin, they will instantly start working to treat inflammation.”

When are results noticeable?
“Almost immediately you will notice your skin looks and feels incredibly smooth—this is the result of skin barrier repair. Because this product is preventative, and corrects triggers and problems before they happen, what you will also notice over time is how stable and resilient your skin is.”

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