Best Hairstyles Ever

If you’re always wearing your hair in a ponytail or under a hat then perhaps it’s time to find a new fresh cut or hairstyle. No need to chop it all off and start fresh, the best haircuts ever come in many different shapes and sizes, so you’re bound to find one that’s suited for you.

The Bob:
This always popular cut has many interpretations. Take January Jones stepping out at the Emmy’s with her mussed-up version, or Marion Cotillard for example, who wears it sleek, wavy and choppy. She can pin it up or wear it back and it always looks adorable. For a sultrier look, keep the hair in the front slightly longer to prevent it from looking too boxy. Add bold highlights to accentuate the chunky texture. The swift layers flatter all face shapes, from round to square. If you have fine hair, the shorter length bob can be a good way to plump up your hair by taking away some weight. To give hair more movement, use a thickening spray on damp strands.

The Shag:

Nobody exemplifies this style better than Jennifer Aniston’s character in Friends, appropriately dubbed, The Rachel Cut. The 2010 version features longer layers than Aniston’s close-cropped ones. Is this look for you? A shag works best on straight hair or loose waves. It can still work if your hair is really curly, just make sure to blow dry hair straight before styling. To maximize shine, go over hair with a flatiron to smooth the cuticle, and finish with a smoothing serum.

The Pixie:

This cut takes guts! From Mia Farrow to Selma Blair, women have been drawn to this style for its classic look and feature-highlighting properties. Long, asymmetrical bangs and choppy layers throughout work great for a pixie. If you have delicate facial features, the pixie will be a flattering cut. Texture is a key element to this style so dab on some pomade to the ends of hair with your fingertips.

Long Hair with Bangs:

Bangs are synonymous with being a kid, but when done the right way, a grown-up fringe can look youthful and stylish. You’ll want your hairdresser to cut a wide swath of bangs just past the outer corners of your eyes, and then use a razor to place layers throughout hair. This is a great look for those with long hair who want a change without losing length. Bangs do need trimming roughly every three weeks, so ask your stylist how to do it yourself, or better yet, inquire about complimentary bang trims.

Long Layers:

This look is still as sexy as ever, and the reason it endures is because long layers are versatile and require little maintenance to look amazing. The newer interpretations are more polished and less morning after than before. Try to keep your layers chunky instead of wispy, and distribute subtle highlights throughout to add shine and dimension. Long layers are great if you’re bored with your all-one-length look, or if you’d like some movement to your hair.

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