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Sometimes when we take things into our own hands”whether it’s an on-the-spot bang trim, impromptu brow shaping session, first-time faux tan application or going from brunette to blonde”the results can be, well, disastrous. The best of us have ended up with the lopsided fringe, near non-existent brows, Oompa Loompa complexion and brassy tresses to prove it. So what can you do when you find yourself victim of a misguided makeover? While hiding under your covers forever may seem like the best option, there are steps you can take to fix even the worst beauty blunders. Here’s our advice for making the most out of an ugly situation:

Try not to panic
Your first response may be to throw a tantrum, and that’s totally understandable, but don’t completely lose it. Remind yourself that chances are, no matter what you did, it isn’t permanent. As hard as it can be, try to stay calm and levelheaded regardless of how bad things may look. The less time you waste panicking in front of the mirror, the more you can put towards figuring out the next best move. 

Don’t seek a quick fix
Being hasty is what got you here, so it definitely won’t get you out. If the one side of your bangs is going into Lloyd Christmas territory, fight the urge to immediately match up the right. You remember in grade school when you tried evening out your crooked paper heart and each side just kept getting smaller and smaller? Well, that same scenario could happen to your hair”so unless you’re into micro baby bangs, step away from the scissors. In situations like these, band-aid solutions are never the right answer, and may only end up making things that much worse.

Know when to bring in a pro
Some at-home mishaps really shouldn’t be handled solo. If you’re dealing with a problem as small-scale as the blotchy outcome of expired self-tanner, then you can probably turn to Google for tips on how to exfoliate yourself back to a normal colour. But if you’re in trouble with something much more pressing, like your tresses, you should really put yourself in the capable hands of an expert. Let’s face it, they know what they’re dealing with and have probably seen it all, while you’re more likely to accidentally fry your mane into a pixie cut.

Learn from your mistakes
Finally, try to take something away from your beauty faux-pas. After all, the absolute best advice we can give when it comes to this kind of homemade disaster is to know how and when to prevent it. So learn from your more embarrassing moments and do what you can to avoid any repeats in the future. Keep in mind that as fun as DIY beauty can be, some things should definitely be left to the professionals.

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