Product Of The Week: Stila Cosmetics Sculpt & Glow All-in-One Contouring & Highlighting Palette

Who else feels slightly crazed and totally tapped for time during the festive season? We do and it has us clinging to Stila’s Sculpt & Glow All-in-One Contouring & Highlighting Palette like it’s a life preserver, keeping us from drowning in our mom’s “motherly” (read: hourly) holiday reminders, the 12 trips and counting we’ve had to No Frills, the three last-minute deadlines we just received and what may or may not have been a drunken snog with the mail-dude at the office party. (Okay, so we don’t actually have an office with a mail room or even an office party to attend, but if we did, we could easily be that gal.) Because the way we see it, if we’re going to bob up and down in kooky pre-holiday waters, we’re going to make sure we look good doing it.

And let’s face it (pun intended), there’s nothing a little cheek contouring and glowing skin can’t make look better.

Buildable, lightweight and gel-based, the Stila palette offers seven options for sculpting, contouring, shimmering, glossing and colouring to keep us looking beautifully fresh-faced and pulled together even when we’re not. From “Dahlia’s” convertible deep rosy-burgundy lip and cheek colour, “Warm’s” touch of bronze for our eyes or cheeks and “Light,” “Medium” and “Dark’s” cheekbone sculpting and face defining hues to “Shimmer Up’s” oyster peach-pearl sparkling and “Glassy Dew’s” youth-inducing highlighters we’ve got all the options we need. And literally, it’s all at our fingertips, since each one can be applied by hand to add as little or as much as we like depending on where we’re going, what we’re doing and when.

Stila Cosmetics Sculpt & Glow All-in-One Contouring & Highlighting Palette, $59, available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

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