Sleek and Smooth Hair Removal Tips

It makes us cringe during the application, squirm in discomfort during removal and has even made masculine men such as Channing Tatum admit that he never wants to go through it again. Yes, waxing or any other process of hair removal can be extremely uncomfortable and if not used properly. The process of removing hair is crucial, especially during the summer when it’s all about showing off your sleek and smooth skin. But don’t fret  – these hair removal tips will get you perfectly bare without the hassle.

1. Decide on your method: Wax or Cream

The first step in getting perfectly smooth, hairless skin is to decide whether you want to use a wax or a hair removal cream.  Some people may believe that cream is the way to go since swiftly peeling off hot wax isn’t there favourite thing to do, but in actuality waxing doesn’t hurt that much. Of course there will be a pinch or a tingling feeling, depending on what area of the skin you are removing hair from (sensitive areas are more prone to irritation), but wax is just as effective, and sometimes more so effective than cream. For waxing newbies, consider using Veet EasyGrip Ready-to-Use Wax Strips as your first try since the strips allow you to properly grip while removing and the strips allow you to wax selected areas such as your leg or arms with less irritation than shaving “ with results lasting longer too.

2. Consider skin sensitivity and location

As much as you may want the hair to be gone by any means necessary, if you have sensitive skin you need to consider it when choosing a hair removal product. Top hair removal companies such as Nair and Andrea Professionals have dedicated lines that cater to various skin types.  One rule of thumb when it comes to hair removal products: you can never go wrong choosing the most sensitive product, especially if it does the job. Also consider the location on your body that you plan to remove hair. If you’re looking to smooth out your legs than wax or waxing strips would be a great choice since the legs aren’t super sensitive. But if you’re removing hair from your bikini line, underarms or even face its probably a good idea to use a sensitive hair removal cream, tailored especially to those more delicate and tricky parts of the skin.

3. Always read the instructions and follow the directions

Yes, its never that fun to read on the process of how to wax or use a not-so-great smelling cream, but reading instructions have never been more important since depending on how you use your hair removal product can determine its results. Remember to follow each product guidelines such as not leaving a cream on for more than a certain amount of time or making sure to heat the wax to the right temperature. When reading the instructions, it is advisable to do a test run (which many product directions suggest) in the small desired area to see if the product actually works for your needs.

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