Flat Iron Your Hair the Right Way

Now that we’re inching away from the climax of summer, we can finally start to straighten our hair without fear of spontaneous combustion. But before you go hair straightener happy, it’s important to make sure that you’re flat ironing hair right; and that instead of just striving for a stick straight style, you’re striving for healthy hair, too.

Step 1: Pre-treat

Since such intense heat can cause burns or damage, it’s key to make sure that before you begin ironing, you apply a pre-straightening product to coat and protect. Usually applied to damp hair before blow-drying, product likes Rusk’s Deep Shine serum requires only a pea-sized amount to guard vulnerable locks, while Pureology’s line consists of vegan-friendly materials that keep hair healthy despite a regular ironing regimen.

Step 2: Choose quality

Most of us have committed major hair straightening faux pas, whether they were by using the infamous metal-based styling tools or even an actual iron (flashbacks of high school, anyone?). But with flat irons no longer a justification for an extended line of credit, you can buy an ionic ceramic straightener that will help lock in moisture and make sure you’re not causing any extra damage. After all, since straightening changes the chemistry of your hair, the last thing you want is a perma-fried look that can’t be undone.

Step 3: Brush and blow dry

While you don’t need to spend hours blow-drying your hair for a sleek, straight look, it’s often much easier to blow dry with a brush to help ease the flat ironing process. By making sure the underside of your hair isn’t a tangled mess (again, we’ve all been there), you’ll also prevent breakage when moving the iron throughout. After all, you’ll put less strain on your hair when trying to literally straighten out a frizzy, tousled mess, and successfully create a lengthy, sleek aesthetic.

Step 4: Repeat

Flat ironing aficionados are probably more than aware that you need to go over each section of hair about twice, but in case you weren’t entirely sure, make sure you follow up your initial run-through with another, just to ensure your hair stays straight. Afterwards, apply a pea-sized amount of after-care serum or product to ensure your now-sleek holds its look, and avoid playing with it afterwards “ especially if your hands have been sweaty or lotion-covered.


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