Healing From A Break-Up

Time heals everything the old adage says. If you’ve ever been through a difficult break-up you know weeks seem like years, and everything reminds you of your lost love. Face it, when a relationship ends, even a bad one, you need time to figure things out and get past the memories, good or bad. When it feels like you just can’t get over the pain there are ways to overcome what lies ahead of you.

Take Time For Yourself:
After all the time and effort you put in to the final days in your relationship, the time is now for you to be the focus of your life. What did you do before your relationship started? Do whatever makes you feel calm, at peace, and comfortable. Time for yourself can be a weekend trip to a favorite spot by yourself or with a friend, visiting your favorite coffee hangout, hanging at the mall, or any place you love to visit.

Depend On Your Girlfriends:
As your closest circle your girlfriends are a lifeline when things get tough. You know each one of them has been through a break-up and can help you sort things out and yeah, even tell you why you are better off without him. A good girlfriend can cheer you up, give you advice, or just listen. Hang with your girlfriends, laugh, talk, and get the support you need to move forward.

Keep Busy:
Do what makes you feel good, whether it is a cup of hot tea or coffee, a bubble bath, reading your favorite magazine or book, listening to music (but nothing that reminds you of your relationship), copious amounts of chocolate as needed, watching a movie, or chatting online with friends. Whatever helps to distract you and make you feel better, do it.

When All Else Fails:
Shopping. I know it may hit your wallet but honestly shopping for clothes, make-up or household items can give you a lift when you need it. Don’t go crazy now, allot a budget before you venture out on your shopping trip, and by all means don’t let emotions get the better of you when you are feeling vulnerable. If you just can’t face anyone remember online shopping can be your friend as well. 

Take Care Of You:
Remember after all is said and done you are the most important person after a break-up, taking care of you comes first. No doubt it’s been a while since you were the focus of your life so make the most of it. Be good to yourself and soon enough you will start to feel better about you and all the good things in life coming your way.

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