5 New Hairstyles For Spring

This spring, hairstyles are given an update. And while certain looks have been recycled, the season’s clean slate calls for fresher takes on old favourites. So with spring makeovers in mind, here are five of the season’s hottest hairstyles.

Evan Rachel Wood Pixie Cut
Thanks to Michelle Williams’ red carpet looks, the pixie’s not going anywhere. But instead of the typical bleached-out hairstyle, update yours like Evan Rachel Wood, who’s borrowed from Janelle Monae’s pompadour. Full of volume and texture, it’s not a full tribute to the rockabilly trend thanks to borrowing from the ˜60s sleek minimalism.

Alexa Chung Bob
Every season needs a safe bet, and if you’re not ready to grow hair out or to chop it off, opt for a bob and embrace the middle ground. Not that bobs need to be boring: if you shy away from a modern blunt look, ask for textured layers in the style of Alexa Chung. Just make sure to add layers to boost your hair’s volume if it’s fine or thin.

Rose Bryne Pagboy Cut SAG 2012
Thanks to Rose Byrne (and countless designers), the 1920s-esque pageboy style has made an impact on spring 2012. Blunt bangs, blunt ends and minimal layers create a current alternative to the timeless bob cut, so if you’re willing to deal with the inevitable bang grow-out (if you’re so inclined), make the cut for a fearless, geometrical style.

Brightly coloured
Katy Perry Blue Hair Grammys 2012
But maybe you’re not wiling to lose or gain length. And if that’s the case, look to celebrities like Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj or any model on the spring 2012 runways who’ve donned a candy or pastel tone. Just make sure to head to a stylist: since a bright pop requires a stripped-down base, bleaching hair at home can burn off or damage locks, leaving you with a straw-like texture that can take years to repair.

Long waves
Rashida jones
True, we’ve seen their return every season of the past five years, but this year, long waves are accompanied with a centre part for a luscious, clean style. However, stars like Rashida Jones aren’t abandoning their bangs, and are instead using them to help anchor the grow-out process. Thus, if you’re growing your bob out into long waves, keep bangs (whether blunt or side swept) to keep your hair looking kept and current.

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