Questions to Ask on a First Date (What’s okay – and What’s Not)

First dates are exciting and fun, but they can also be fraught with questions and anxiety. What do you wear? Where do you go? Let him pick you up or meet him there? And once you’ve made all those crucial decisions “ what to wear, where to go “ you will eventually have to have a conversation. Wondering what questions to ask (or not ask) on that first date? See a few of the questions below.

What’s generally okay to ask on a first date:

“What do you and your friends like to do when you hang out?”
This is a great first date question to ask because it will give you insight into what your dating relationship will be like. If he says hang out, play sports, go to movies, that’s a good sign. If he says go into his parents basement and play Dungeons and Dragons, well, maybe he’s not the one.

“What do you do when you’re not working?”
This is a nice question, because it will let you know right from the first date if he’s a workaholic. If his answer to this question is a blank stare, or not much, or not working? with a mystified look, he may not be the guy you’re looking for, unless you like dating workaholics or like to keep your weekends free.

“What’s the most influential or entertaining book you ever read/movie you ever saw?”
A great first date question just for gaining a little insight into what makes this guy tick, as well as what he enjoys. Does he enjoy action flicks, mystery novels, watching classic  movies or keeping up on best selling non-fiction? This can give you some common ground to discuss and let you learn a little bit about each other.

What’s generally not okay to ask on the first date:

“Why or how did your last relationship end?”
This might be too intrusive of a question for a first date. If his last relationship ended badly, or he is still reeling from a bad breakup, he probably doesn’t want to go down this path on a date where he is trying to make a good impression.

“How do you feel about marriage?”
The first date is probably too soon to ask this question, unless your goal is to scare the guy away. Enough said.

“Why do you think you’re single?”
Again, probably too soon for this question, which can be intrusive and possibly also considered rude. Not that this isn’t something a girl would like to know, but maybe save this for the second or third date. If there is no second or third date, well, you’ve got your answer!

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