Product Of The Week: KMS Curl Up Twisting Style Balm

Got unruly curls that seem to go in every direction except the way you want them to? We feel you. Especially now with the hot forced air pumping into our home and the cold outdoors leaving us zapped of any hydration.

KMS has the solution we need with their new Curl Up Twisting Style Balm. It is rich and creamy and the perfect addition to our style and it gives us our style, every single day.

Loaded with castor oil, a known intense natural moisturizer and shea butter, to seal said moisture into every strand, with just a fingertip full of the balm massaged throughout our hair, we’ve got all the hydration and softness we could ever ask for. Add in plant-based propylene glycol, orange and mint and our curls are well taken care of, calm and defined. Just like Mother Nature intended. The vegan balm is also fantastic at smoothing away frizz, protecting against cold and humidity, activating our curls and nourishing our hair without weighing it down.

Plus, we can apply it to both dry and wet hair so it’s perfect for busy days when we shower and go and need to air dry. It also smells so great, kind of like a combination of fruit, flowers and greenery, it puts a bounce in our step that’s almost as good as the one on our head.

KMS Curl Up Twisting Style Balm, from $23.50 for 230 ml, available at hair salons.

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