Product Of The Week: Authentic Beauty Concept Airy Texture Spray

We are co-dependent on dry shampoo and we probably couldn’t get through the day without a hit of hairspray either. But honestly (and we can’t believe we’re writing this), neither of those two products can hold a candle to a good, no wait, to an exceptional dry texture spray like Authentic Beauty Concept’s Airy Texture Spray.

It’s beyond awesome.

The product is an aerosol so the formula is lightweight and sprays on dry. But it’s also not limited in what it can do, which is to add texture to our hair (thank you!), give it body and volume (yes, please!), extra oomph to our style (uh, huh!) and then, last but certainly not least, it holds our hair in place without making it feel crispy or hard (amen!).

Plus, there are no synthetic ingredients like micro plastics, mineral oils, parabens and silicones to weigh our hair down either. Just exceptional movement and bounce sprinkled with a delicate and elegant floral scent crafted from white peonies, freshly cut leaves, luminous rose, freesia blossoms, cottony powdery violet, creamy musks and mellow woods. Like we said, awesome.

Authentic Beauty Concept Airy Texture Spray, from $31, available online at, and

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