Quick Hairstyle Ideas for Spring

When Sunday morning brunch ensues on a beautiful spring morning, the last thing you want is to waste any moments of sunshine perfecting or fussing with your hair. And since spring and summer dish out their fair share of harsh elements, we’ve rounded up some our favourite seasonal hairstyles that you can embrace with confidence. Behold:

Blunt Bob

While the angular, layered bob defined aspects of the 2009-2010 hair landscape, the 90s have edged their way into the beauty mix with blunted ends and harsher styles making up the looks of many fashion elite. Your regimen? Blow dry, potentially straighten, and go. Thanks to the likes of Chloe Sevigny and Alexa Chung, the one-length bob with a centre part has replaced textured styles to make for a low-maintenance approach to spring hair “ one that doesn’t require the tedious routine often required to keep layers looking their best after a downpour on a May afternoon.

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The Centre Part

Speaking of low maintenance, after last year’s push for bangs and their retro aesthetic, hair’s grown out to provide a simple answer to springtime hairstyles “ one that requires less daytime fussing and more putting hair behind one’s ears. With runways seeing barrettes, hair clips and sleek, minimalistic approaches to styles and colour, the season’s rejection of texture overkill continues with the centre part that’s been perfected by stars like Kate Bosworth and Gwyneth Paltrow. Just don’t blame us when you start watching Empire Records for hairstyle ideas.

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Slicked Back

Believe it or not, the trend nobody believed would maintain longevity has latched on to the hairstyle circuit to become an incredibly low-maintenance approach to the daily routine. By blow-drying hair back and using serum to top off the sleek, bold aesthetic, the beach vibe (that was seemingly forgotten after the age of Blue Crush) has been given new life through a nonchalant, relatively effortless hairstyle that can be paired just as well with couture as it can with J. Crew.

B - Megan Fox 300x400


True, to a girl rocking straight locks, to attempt to boast major volume may seem like the stuff of nightmares. (And luckily for you, the blunt bob and centre part are yours for the taking “ regardless of humidity factor.) However, thanks to the 70s revival (and Marc Jacobs’ runway show), 2011 calls for big waves, huge curls and volume that was previously reserved only for Roseanne Roseannadanna, and with curl-enhancing serum, flexible spray and the fearless use of a straightener or curling iron, seemingly unruly curls now define fashion forward.

B - Nicole Richie 300x400

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