Why I’m Obsessed With Biologique Recherche’s Cult Favorite Lotion P50T

French cosmetics brand Biologique Recherche’s cult favorite Lotion P50 has been dubbed as “Jesus in a bottle” for the last few years. The P50 exfoliators have been praised by beauty editors, influencers and celebrities who swear by its contents and results.

The P stands for peeling and the 50 is the number of days it takes to transform your skin. The P50T is a milder version of the P50. While the P50 is not available in Canada, P50T holds its own.

It’s an acid-based product that really is a cult favorite product. It includes exfoliating ingredients like lactic acid and salicylic acid along with ingredients like onion bulb extract, horseradish root extract, and vinegar. Hence, the less than desirable scent. But are the results worth it? Yes. It balances the skin’s pH, brightens dark spots, evens the skin texture, and helps with acne.

I noticed my skin was visibly much healthier, smoother and my skin’s texture improved drastically. It works, and that’s why many swear by it. It removes dead cells and impurities, and improves the strength and quality of the epidermis, while hydrating the top layers of the epidermis. As someone whose skin is constantly dehydrated and dry, this was a winning formula for me. The product is recommended for normal to oily skin.

How to use? After cleansing the skin, splash the product on a cotton pad and dab upwards, from the cheeks to the ears. Do not swipe, as many of us first tend to do. Just dab and go.

I started noticing clearer skin quite instantly, after a few uses. This product is certainly one I swear by and is now one of my most essential skincare items.


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