The Most Common Male Beauty Blunders

Are you tired of your man’s wild scruffy beard? Was it cute two years ago, but now makes you cringe at the sight? Getting your man to change his beauty mishaps requires a careful approach on your part”yes, you’d rather he channel Robert Downey Jr. than Zach Galifianakis in Due Date, but there is a way of informing him without deflating his sensitive ego.

One of the most common beauty don’ts a guy can sport are some seriously bushy eyebrows or (gasp!) a unibrow. There are several ways of addressing this untamed beauty mishap to suit every guy. Sure, waxing can be one of the easiest methods of hair removal, but let’s face it: your man may freak at the sight of the wax kit or not have the pain tolerance. Moreover, the experience could become traumatic should you not know, or be confident enough to wax (torn eyebrow skin is never sexy). The easy solution? Plucking and/or using a fine razor specially fabricated for grooming eyebrows (the Christi Harris Precision Brow Planing Tool provides pain-free hair removal). The best approach to get your man to tame those wild caterpillars is to inform him that you find thick, natural groomed eyebrows tres attractive. With your guidance, show him how and where to pluck”an over-plucked appearance is never a good thing.

Ever notice also how some men seem to have perpetual razor burn? Not only are the tiny red bumps most likely extremely irritable for your guy, but a constant red, inflamed face is a total mood killer. Again, inform your guy that while you love that he keeps a clean-shaven appearance (seriously, the guy gets some points for that), extending his shaving regimen will result in kissable soft skin. If he doesn’t have time for a lengthy steamy shower, pressing a hot towel to his face will open up his pores for a close shave. Have him lather his face well with a thick shaving cream and encourage him to take his time shaving”some guys literally hack away at their skin. Also, try gifting him a nice smelling after shave lotion (Neutrogena’s Men Razor Defense Post Shave Lotion is a great, but inexpensive one), which will keep those pesky red bumps at bay.

For some women, a little scruff on a man’s face is simply irresistible; except when it begins treading into Neanderthal territory. Insist to your guy that while you can’t get enough of his disheveled-rocker appearance, you’re not really into hobos. For a win-win situation, introduce a beard trimmer”he gets to keep the scruff and you can get closer. Literally.

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