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Step out of the workplace and into a world dominated by Betty Draper with a sassy throwback to a simpler (or not) time. Soft waves and well-defined curls have been seen on every red carpet. To top that, retro curls are the ultimate sexy style for a night out with all the glamour of old Hollywood.

What you need:

– a texture spray
– a curling iron (at least 1 1/4 barrel) or hot rollers
– bobby pins
– finishing spray
– large paddle brush or comb

How to get them:

1) Start with damp hair when you can spray in a light texturizing mist, and blow dry hair straight. The essence of this style is major drama, so once hair is dry, create a deep side part.

2) Curl 2-inch sections from back to front. Once you’ve curled a strand, clip the curl to your head. As the curl cools, pinning them will keep them looking well-defined. If you’ve got hot rollers, place larger curls at the bottom of your scalp, and the smaller rollers near the top. Leave your front section (a chunk of your side part) uncurled for the next step – you’ll need it to create your big front wave.

3) Split the uncurled section into two diagonally. Curl one of the sections and roll it back before clipping. Do the same with the second section. While these curls cool down, release the rest of your curls and gently brush them out, or separate them with the end of your comb.

4) Undo your two front sections, and flip the entire thing back into the original side part you had. It should stand higher, and to help it keep its place, pin it once or twice along the waves.

5) Spray with a finishing spray to leave hair shiny and keep waves in tact.

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