Calvin Klein Launches CK One Makeup Line

Synonymous with 90s androgynous cool, CK One is ready to add its signature minimalistic spin to your makeup bag. Beginning in March, CK One is launching its worldwide CK One makeup collection (it’s not the first time Calvin Klein entered the makeup market, a few years ago the brand launched a line of cosmetics, but it is the first time the CK One brand, specifically, is branching out).

The 130-piece collection is based around this notion: look real, define yourself, and add intensity.  The Calvin Klein makeup line includes CK One’s answer to the BB Cream, a 3-in-1 foundation that also acts as a daily serum, embodying the look real aspect. Their second principle, define yourself may be found in products like a mascara with an extendable wand, and long wear lipsticks ton enhance your facial features. While add intensity is seen in ads for Calvin Klein’s eye gloss pencils, shown in a bright blue.

The signature sexy ads for CK One makeup that will soon pop up over billboards and the Internet feature models like Dutch supermodel Lara Stone. The campaign even has a Canadian connection “ Ottawa-based model, Herieth Paul stars in the advertising (below, left). Look for the CK One makeup collection will be sold in select stores (to be confirmed) starting in April. 

CK One makeup Harieth Paul Ad 

Sympatico Image


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