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Philosophy Hope in a Jar

The results are in! 29secrets partnered with Philosophy to give 10 readers and staff a chance to try and review their award-winning moisturizer: Hope in a Jar Original Formula Moisturizer For All Skin Types, $50 for 60mL or $78 for 100mL (available at select Bay, Shoppers Drug Mart and Sephora stores, except Quebec). The oil-free moisturizer helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, exfoliates and hydrates the skin and it’s formulated without parabens, synthetic fragrance, synthetic dyes, phthalates or genetically modified ingredients. Did we mention this cult classic made Oprah’s Favourite Things List six times?! We also reviewed the Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser here.

The 10 readers selected applied the moisturizer every day for five days to see the difference Hope in a Jar made. Read the reviews below! 

When I used to travel to the US, I would go on reconnaissance missions to scoop up this skin care saviour because I read so many awesome things about it. Now I’m happy it’s finally readily available in Canada because it does amazing things for the texture of my skin “ it absorbs right away, smooths lines but doesn’t overwhelm my oily skin and makes my pores far less noticeable. Gold star.”Jill, editor of 29secrets

“This product is amazing. I used very little and the effects were so impressive. Even on my combination skin, I didn’t experience breakouts and my fine lines disappeared! The moisturizer is luxurious and has such a wonderful scent.  I wore it during very cold winter days and my skin felt fresh and soft even through the wind and sun. I could still feel the effects of the moisturizer the next morning (and happily, the scent lingered as well). I’m really impressed that I haven’t experienced breakouts using these products. I have avoided moisturizers much of my life because I invariably get acne when I do (even those products that promise not to cause breakouts). This moisturizer really is fantastic.
 Pamela, Toronto ON

“It felt really nice. I’m very impressed with the moisturizer. I really liked the scent of the moisturizer. It was very refreshing. The texture was nice and felt very good on my skin. When I woke up in the morning my skin felt nice and very refreshing. My skin was softer and felt smoother than before. Also much cleaner than it usually was.” – Melissa, Winnipeg, MB

“My skin felt hydrated and softer. The texture and consistency of the moisturizer was fine. Since it’s a scented product, at first I thought I would be sensitive to using the product, but I was very surprised by the second day that I couldn’t smell the fragrance at all and continued using the product. My skin felt soft through out the day. I have had problems with other facial moisturizers in the past that caused me to break out, but Hope in a Jar didn’t cause one blemish to form.” – Jennifer, Chemlsford, ON

The moisturizer went on like silk and my skin felt rejuvenated without the greasy feeling. I really liked the texture and consistency of it but I would prefer it if it had an unscented version “ I was sensitive to the scent.” – Allison, Belfast, PEI

“After applying the moisturizer my skin felt like silk! I just loved the lightness of the moisturizer. I will use forever! It was so light and made my skin feel awesome. My previous moisturizer would wear out and I would get flaky skin mid day, but this lasted all day.  After five days it helped clear blemishes and make my skin softer and more moisturized. I will purchase this product “ I just loved it!” – Kristen, Regina, SK

“The moisturizer absorbs quickly, but I like a lot of moisture, so next time I think I would try the Extra Rich Formula that’s specifically for drier skin types. I prefer moisturizer to be more dewey, so I load on the product.” – Teresa, Toronto, ON

“My skin felt fresh and clean after applying the moisturizer. Texture was smooth, consistency was perfect and scent was wonderful. After five days my skin felt fresh and younger.” – Carrie Taylor

“My skin felt soft, moisturized and not at all greasy, even in the morning. After using this product, I notice that my skin feels soft and smooth. I was a little sensitive to the scent since I normally use unscented formulas.” – Jennifer Clark, Powell River, B.C.

“After applying the moisturizer, my skin felt lovely, well-nourished but no greasy residue. Love it!” – Gayle, Barrie, ON

What do you think? Have you ever tried Philosophy Hope in a Jar Moisturizer? Would you? 

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